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Sara Jolena

Founder of Sequoia Samanvaya, LLC and designer of the ReMembering and ReEnchanting courses. Sara Jolena is a healer, Interdisciplinary Artist, Minister, and your teacher-guide on this journey. In service to the Divine and All Beings; on my own healing journey; in love with love and life and integration and growing and Sequoias.

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About this course

Educational Entrepreneurship: An Introduction 

An Introductory Course into Online Educational Entrepreneurship  

For the up-and-coming online course builder

Rev. Sara Jolena, Educational Entrepreneur

At a time when there is much frustration with formal learning spaces, online learning spaces are booming in popularity  - and impact. Indeed, online learning has become a multi-million dollar industry and is gaining popularity in countries  around the world, disrupting the "normal" conceptions of education. There are vast possibilities for educational engagement and connectivity -  as well as significant potential pitfalls. How can you bring your skills as an educator and leader to the online space in a way that ensures quality and expands your impact? What kind of online educational entreprepeneur do you want to be?   How can you shape the quickly expanding online teaching space in a way that leads to the societal outcomes that are most needed?  How much money can you and your team make? A lot of these questions can only be answered in practice. This course gives you the basic frameworks and some foundational skills to begin experimenting in online education. At the end of the course, you will leave with a good sense of what's needed to teach online and the basics in how to create your first course. 

This 4-session course over 4 weeks will prepare you to launch your first online course.  We will walk through some of the key decisions and considerations you need to think about in creating a course. Students will be given assignments that will help give you structure and accountability to design your own course. 

Weekly in-person discussion classes on zoom. If you miss the zoom sessions with their live lectures and dialogues, then they are available on the online platform we will be using for this course.  Each Session will include a homework assignment that we will review and discuss during the following session. Online forum for discussion will be available. 

Start date: Monday, April 16.  9am EST/ 6:30pm IST.   

Cost: Rs. 8,000 or $123 USD

Course outline 

Pre-Course: students email Instructor their experience with online learning of any kind (either as a student or a teacher) and their conceptions of who takes online classes as well as their current goals - what do they really want to achieve through becoming an (online) educational entrepreneur?  

1. Overview of online teaching

2. The Pilot Course and Iterative Feedback

3. Overview of Marketing and Launching 

4. Review, Implementation, and Your Next Steps