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Carol Westberry, SPHR, SHRM-SCP, Founder & Consulting Partner and Elizabeth Fanslow, Founder & Managing Partner of PSSworks are your instructors for this course.

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About this Course

In today’s society…workplace harassment is on the top of everyone’s mind. When the headlines share a new story on harassment every single day, people start to listen and pay closer attention.

Harassment in the workplace is not new, and it has been around for a long time. It’s never something that should be ignored or taken lightly. This course was designed to bring harassing behaviors to light and to help employees and employers protect themselves. Take the time to understand how your actions or someone else’s can be construed as harassment.

This online course focuses on the fundamental principle of treating others with respect and dignity, regardless of differences. 

Workshop activities describe the actions and behaviors that can be considered inappropriate workplace behavior as well as those that may cross the line to illegal harassment or discrimination. 

Employees: This short informative course will help protect you and those around you from harassing behavior. Never put yourself in a position where your actions or behavior can be considered harassment. Getting to know the different forms of harassment and how to respond when it happens to you or someone you know will make a difference in how you are treated in the workplace. If you’re interested in protecting yourself, this course is for you! 

The cost for a single session is an affordable $49! A small price to pay for your safety and peace of mind.

Employers: We know that employers want to create a safe environment for their teams and this informative course can help you during the onboarding process when hiring & training. This online harassment course helps your employees understand the types of behaviors and actions that can be construed as harassment. Understanding what is acceptable and what is not will help protect your employee as well as the company.

You can also use this course as a refresher for existing employees each year to remind them of unacceptable behaviors and actions. Ongoing reminders keep inappropriate behaviors at bay and show employees that you are serious about maintaining a safe work environment.

A single session is $49. However, if you have multiple employees, we offer license packages at a discounted, per course, rate. Please email Elizabeth@pssworks.comfor license pricing options.