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gina rochell

Gina Rochell developed The Art of Dream Alchemy, an integrative shamanic educational practice that weaves together dream images, mythology, and powerful archetypal energies. As an artist, musician, novelist, depth psychological and archetypal scholar, Gina draws on her deep knowledge base, as well as wisdom of Celtic and Norse traditions. The Art of Dream Alchemy is designed to empower everyone to imagine and create their own healing soulful stories, music, art, and embodied movement, out of the mysteries of the dream image. She is currently writing a novel, based in Irish mythology, and a book of short stories, influenced by Nordic sagas, reflected from dreams and mythological figures. She has a B.A. in Developmental Psychology and Sociology, a M.F.A in Creative Writing, and a M.A. in Depth Psychology. She is the CEO and Founder of The beansidhe alchemist.

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About this Course

The Beansidhe Alchemist 

 The Art of Dream Alchemy: Imaging the Mythical Tale

Online Creative Writing Course

$480 – 8 Modules

Course Description:

The Beansidhe Alchemist presents, The Art of Dream Alchemy: Imaging the Mythical Tale, a creative writing course that explores one’s dream image from a psychological perspective for the purpose of transforming one’s psyche -- a kind of alchemical process. This course explores the manner in which, the dream soul, mythology, and creativity are perceived, as image, an expression of psyche, and these aspects of the psyche or soul are universally inherent in each of us. Since they are expressed in particular and unique ways, Dream Alchemist writing, teaches you to perceive your unique dream image as soul: imagination, therefore, this course will not focus on dream interpretation or instruct students on traditional creative writing techniques, but rather on the art of writing, using the language of the dream soul, by writing from the perspective of the mythical voice, mythical image, and mythical psyche.

Course Objective:

By choosing one of your dream images and a mythological story, you will embark on a creative writing journey that will uncover the universal mythos, which is the driving force of your life.


  • The course includes 8 modules (56 days) with guided lectures in creative writing and creative somatic movement.
  • Participants will need a computer with access to Word and online mythological research.
  • Upon completion of the course, participants will have learned the technique of the Dream Alchemist, developing a 5-10 page short story that images the mythical voice, image, and psyche.
  • This course runs annually with no set beginning or ending date, allowing students to work with the guide at their own pace. Each module includes, audio lectures, music attachments for creative somatic movement, and writing assignments.
  • Each module is compiled into one week (7 days). Once the student completes a week, they automatically receive the following week, repeating the same process. Discussion between student and instructor is between the 5th and 7th day of each week.
  • 30% of proceeds go to our “Imaging the Mythical Tale” scholarship fund.