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Matthew Katz

I am a ceramics materials nerd and I hope to share my knowledge and experience with you. I have a BFA and MFA in ceramic art, I also have spent 20 years working in ceramic science. I have taught ceramic science for artists at the New York State College of Ceramics at Alfred University for 15 years. My understanding of how artists work and think and the knowledge of ceramic scientists enables me to teach artists to make the most of their materials.

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About this course

Glaze Calculation Onlineis a three month course focused on the science behind glazes. No more myths and legends about how glazes work, only facts and science.

The course provides information and science to help everyone utilize glazes in ways that will help them take control of their materials and make their studios the best they can be.

Glaze Calculation Online consists of 14 on-demand video lectures presented over three months.  The on-demand format is designed for the educational needs of the ceramicist.  Students are able to watch lectures as often as they like, providing them with the ability to absorb and engage with the information like never before. 

Students also can engage with the teachers in bi-weekly, live, online discussions. We they can discuss the class with the teachers and other students. We will discuss the questions from the class that arise, as well as explore experiments and the studio in general. In addition, students are provided with discussion forum for each lecture, so they may start the conversation, there and then. Students will have three months to engage in the course content. Extended access will be granted by supporting Ceramics Materials Workshop on Patreon. 

Lecture content is complemented by short reading and experiments, that will make the online experience real, in your own studio. 


  • Introduction to Online Learning
  • Introduction to Ceramic Science
  • Geology
  • Chemistry
  • Ceramic Materials I-Clay
  • Ceramic Materials II-Feldspar
  • Ceramic Materials III-Fluxes
  • The Seger Formula
  • Unity Molecular Calculations
  • Firing Temperature
  • Boron
  • Glaze Flaws
  • Special Effect Glazes
  • Colors

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