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Matthew Katz

I am a ceramics materials nerd and I hope to share my knowledge and experience with you. I have a BFA and MFA in ceramic art, I also have spent 20 years working in ceramic science. I have taught ceramic science for artists at the New York State College of Ceramics at Alfred University for 15 years. My understanding of how artists work and think and the knowledge of ceramic scientists enables me to teach artists to make the most of their materials.

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About this course

Do you feel like you put a lot of effort in your studio, only to have your clay let you down? We put so much effort into our work, yet we understand so little about our clays. Understanding our clay bodies, makes our work better and our studio time more valuable.

Ceramic Materials Workshop is here to help. 

Designed for ceramicists of all levels, our Understanding Clay Bodies course will change your studio FOREVER.