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Hi! I'm a Christian mom, wife, grandmother first and foremost! I owned a quilt shop for many years and before that an interior design business and through it all have been passionate about keeping a journal. Writing is my first creative love. I love to share my love for the Lord and my greatest love is to inspire others in that and their creative process!

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About this course

If you want to see how one creative artist/ journaler stays inspired in her daily life, this is the course for you. I will take you on a journey through the month showing you what I do, the places I go, the things I gather, the rituals I keep, and the the research I do, all while giving you a peek into my spiritual journey as well. And how it all ends up in my journal!

There will be 'Journal With Me Sessions',  'Journal Technique Videos', as well as 'Artist Dates Videos', where I will actually take you along with me on my journey to stay inspired to create!