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Mindy Lacefield

Hi! My name is Mindy and I am inspired and paint from the nostalgia of my childhood. Channeling my inner 8 year old. Painting my dreams into reality. I teach. I learn. I play. I make mistakes. I celebrate those mistakes because they become happy, magical moments from the Divine.

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About this course

Serenity Mermaid is now being offered as a stand alone watercolor class! (if you took Watercolor Play and Discover, then you already have access to this class)

We will paint a darling mermaid using watercolors and other water media. 

49 minute video



paper: - 6x9 watercolor paper

watercolors - any sets are fine 

for Serenity Mermaid - I'll be using Daniel smith colors --> mostly the genuines

---->>Daniel smith - mostly genuines. you can  try and test these colors out with the 66 color Try it Sheet)


Da Vinci  i use this da vinci brush   --->> quill size 1   (yikes, I realized it is SO expensive so try using what you have) 

waterbrush: prima (wide), Niji small tip

other items

caran d'ache - neocolor ii's set of 10 or 15 will be great

  • this sharpener to sharpen your neocolor ii's if you want....

spray bottle - for wetting watercolors

stabilo graphite pencil

sharpie white paint pen

watercolor pencils - the number 90 pencil is a great color to use and is in the Julie Nutting skin tone pack. All the others are fantastic as well! 

bleed proof white (for fixing boo boo's and softening colors)