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Paula Roelands

From my first weighty experience with the “freshman forty” to a life changing cross country move at age 53 and a devastating diagnosis with Graves Hyperthyroid, I draw from my own experiences and passion to help women discover and live their own version of well-being, and to reach boldly for a fulfilling abundant life by overcoming the physical, emotional, and psychological obstacles in their way. Certified as an Integrative Nutrition Holistic Health Coach and ski instructor, plus a couple dozen years in spiritual and personal leadership development, I take a 'whole person' approach, far more than diet, to guide already brilliant motivated women (and a few great lighthearted men) from right where they are to a balanced, confident, vibrant, abundant existence.

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About this Course


I am excited to guide you in this natural approach to rebalancing your thyroid health and function! 


So, your symptoms from a thyroid dysfunction are mucking up your life.  Ugh!

You are far from alone - one in 7 women (some say one in 5!) and one in 10 Americans belong to this club. Well, I have wonderful news for you - there’s hope for change!  While everyone’s body responds differently and I cannot guarantee healing, there is a LOT you can do to help your body help itself, which is what this program is all about.  I have made this journey of healing myself, and am excited to help you travel this path toward greater health too!


This online group course is designed to be the first steps into empowerment in your health.  We will work together toward greater balance and normalize function, whether you are currently on medication and working with a medical professional or self diagnosed by your uncomfortable symptoms. In addition to my knowledge and support as your coach, as a group, we support one another and cheer each other on, with suggestions and ideas based on our own experiences. Together, we will learn, grow, and improve our health and help our lives to be closer to what we WANT them to be.


  • 6 TRAINING MODULES: will open online beginning June 15, one every other Friday
  • video and audio information and specifics to empower you in your healing
  • strategies to strengthen and balance your body and thyroid
  • worksheets and other support and informational materials
  • THREE STEPS DEEPER: every week you will receive three emails with tips, support, reminders, and an action step to challenge you to engage in your healing a little more.
  • LIVE GROUP CALLS: will be scheduled for discussion and questions in “person”. The calls will be recorded and your questions can be sent in ahead of time so you won’t miss out even if you can’t make the actual call.
  • INDIVIDUAL ONE HOUR YOURstory session by phone or Skype
  • INDIVIDUAL FOLLOW UP coaching session following program completion
  • GROUP DISCUSSIONS: within the member section, we have group discussion opportunities
  • SOME GLITCHES: As an online program, it is possible we may experience a technology glitch or two. Your patience and feedback to be sure the program is an excellent resource for greater health and life, with enhanced balance of your thyroid function and hormones. 

$397 Early Bird "paid in full", or I offer a monthly payment plan at $160 per month for 3 months.

  • STEP ALL IN: how much you step into this program is how much you will get out of it.  I will give you 100%. And we are a team - your 100% will give us much more than that total, and will serve you and your health well.
  • FEEDBACK:  I am YOUR teammate in delivering an exceptional healing program of what you want….and need…for support to empower your health.  You are MY teammate in creating the excellence that all important constructive feedback offers.

I ask for your commitment to each of these to create a win-win-win. YOU gain the tools and strategies to live a healthier life, the PROGRAM gets better, and you become part of creating what that becomes to help so many more people who want to achieve the kind of change you will be making!