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Emily Gold

New York Native Emily Gold is a yoga therapist and teacher, doula and public health specialist.. She has been practicing yoga since 2003 and after completing her university degree in 2006 she travelled to Thailand where she first discovered the joys of meditation. Faced with seizures from a benign brain tumor in 2008, Emily discovered of the healing power of yoga, turning to her regular practice as a relief from physical and mental pain. This healing path led her to pursue yoga teacher training, beginning in 2013 and she became a yoga therapist in 2017. Emily is trained in a variety of yogic modalities including Hatha, Yin, Prenatal and Postnatal and Womb Yoga. She weaves these modalities to create practices and teachings that are gentle and accessible, focusing on acceptance, growth and healing. She has practiced yoga on 4 continents and believes that there is a yoga practice out there for everyone.

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About this Course

Here is a reminder of what this course is all about.  

This course is inspired by the Minded Institute’s 8 –Week Yoga Therapy for Stress Anxiety and Depression.  It has been modified to meet the mental, physical and emotional as well as scheduling needs of moms at all stages of motherhood.  This course uses evidence-based yoga and meditation techniques to :

Enhance the functioning of your nervous system to improve stress management and your well-being.

Improve self-awareness.

Promote resilience and relaxation.

Enlarge your “toolbox” of stress management techniques. 

Research reveals that faster and more long-term healing occurs through the intelligent integration of mind and body techniques. Both awareness and therapeutic yoga are well known to help improve anxiety and depression, this  course will help you access these healing properties.

All Sessions will be online and posted weekly.  If you can not make it to the session at this time it will be recorded for you to join at a later date. It is strongly encouraged that you schedule in time each week to complete the sessions but if you don't have time you will have through 31 December 2018 to complete the sessions. 

Each session will be 90 minutes long and include education on mind-body functioning, a 50 minute yoga practice, breath work and additional mind-body activities.

In addition to the classes this course will include a Facebook Page to foster communication following each session and two discussion webinars (before the first session and after the last) to allow participants to connect.   You will also recieve weekly "homework" of a home practice plus ways to practice what you are learning on the mat as well as off the mat in your real life. 

No previous yoga experience is necessary.