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Becca Syme

Gallup-Certified Strengths Coach, USA Today Bestselling Author writing Mystery and Suspense, Psychometric-Based Productivity Success Coach, specializing in authors and creatives.

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About this course


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Do you want to write faster?

Are you stuck or stalled in your process? Stuck in a book? Can't plot?

Are you frustrated with your lack of productivity?

Have you been trying other strategies, which never seem to work, and you can't figure out why?

This is the class for you.

Everyone wants to be more productive–write faster, release more books–but most of us don’t know where to start. Start here. 

What you need is an individualized approach. Something that may not work for anyone else, but will work for you. How do you plot best? How do you write best? How are you the most productive? 

Copycat productivity techniques are hit-and-miss, and the “hit” part is determined by how similar your personality is to the writer or teacher. But your productivity strategies will be unique to you, based on where you fall on a continuum of how those strategies work for other people like you.

We’re going to focus on customizing your systems and your writing life for you. You will also receive a strategic coaching session with the instructor who has thirteen years of coaching experience and has coached hundreds of writers and thousands of people, with a Master’s Degree in Transformational Leadership. 

You will leave the class with a set of strategies and tactics that will help you do your best work, be your most productive, and accomplish your writing goals. This class includes four weeks of intensive instruction and a personalized one-on-one appointment, as well as a cache of productivity tools. 

Spots are limited, because the instruction is personal to you and there are only so many hours in the month for one-on-ones. 

This class is delivered via lecture with discussion inside each topic, on the Ruzuku platform, and includes a one-on-one coaching appointment with Becca at the end. Class starts on August 1st.

Former students say:

“As a writer, if you take only one course in your writing career, make it this one. It is a game changer and really is structured to help you as an individual.”

“Take it! I have been deeply skeptical of these author-productivity courses since they started proliferating around 2012 or so. I took a chance on this one because the word-of-mouth was excellent. Now I, too, have begun recommending it to my writer friends and will continue to do so.”

“I highly recommend this class to all authors who want to better understand why certain methods and processes work for them while others do not. Knowledge truly is power. You create an actionable strategy for your writing and writing career.”

“This class is life-changing. I’ve been taking classes for a long time, and writing for almost as long, and I’ve never found a class like it.”

The course price is discounted to $199 in a single payment, but you can also pay in monthly installments by clicking here, and enroll for only $35 paid today, on the payment plan. 

I'll see you in class!