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Servant Keeper Trainer

Mike Osborne was a high school history teacher for 12 years before coming to Servant PC. He has been the trainer at Servant PC Resources for over 10 years. He has trained thousands of people on how to use the Servant Keeper software. Helping churches leverage Servant Keeper and the technology they have available at their fingertips is one of his passions.

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About this Course

The Groups Keeper allows you to create queries to find just the people you are looking for based on the data you have entered into the program. Whether you are looking for all your pre-schoolers or a very complicated combination of criteria, you can do it with Groups Keeper. In this training, you will learn all the different ways to create and utilize groups. Learn how to utilize these groups to run reports, print letters, export data to other programs, update your database and much more! The data you track becomes most useful when you start doing searches for the information you have entered and actually use it to build groups! If you aren’t skilled at creating groups in Servant Keeper, then you will want to see this training and see just how easy it can be. When you purchase this training you will have access to the training content to watch as much as needed for 30 days.