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B Com, LLC, Las Vegas, NV

B COM is the company name. It stands for "BUZZ COMMUNITY" and is licensed in the city of Las Vegas and state of Nevada. B COM is a business dedicated to coaching and consulting you in life skills, web-based technology skills, and, related professional services provided to you by Woody Goulart, Ph.D. Coach Woody is an experienced business leader, coach, consultant, digital marketer, and mentor. You and your organization will derive immediate positive outcomes from his coaching, mentoring, and guidance.

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About this Course

Speak Well and Be Trusted

Quickly master the art of earning trust whenever you speak in public — Includes 2 weeks of one-to-one phone/Skype coaching — Specific Outcome: Become trusted for what you say!

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This coaching covers the subject of public speaking.  You will learn to boost how people trust you by becoming the best possible public speaker than you can be.

Who is this for? 

This is a coaching  course in public speaking. This is for the everyday man or woman who wants to become trusted in the daily life both personally and professionally but who does not want to enroll in a public speaking course at a college or university.

The big difference between a coaching course  in public speaking and an education course on the same subject is that you were emerge with much more than awareness of the subject. The outcome from taking this coaching course in public speaking is you will attain skills in how to speak well and be trusted.

Divided up into a total of six lessons, this coaching can very quickly change your effectiveness as a public speaker in both your personal life and your business life.


Here are the subjects covered in each lesson:

Lesson #1:   What is Credibility? How Do You Become Trusted?

Lesson #2:  When You Need to Speak:  Situations and Audiences.

Lesson #3:   Best Ways to Use Your Voice

Lesson #4:  How to Prepare Before You Speak

Lesson #5:  What Happens During Your Speaking Situation

Lesson #6:  Practicing Your Speaking to Improve How You are Perceived 

How This Works:

As with 95% of other coaching, my coaching does not require you to be in the same location or meet face-to-face with me. My coaching has these THREE elements:

(1) You start by using my private online self-paced coaching tools not available to the general public.

(2) You download resources that go with this coaching (also not available to the general public.)

(3) You and I have one-to-one interaction together over voice communication by phone or Skype for TWO sessions of 45 minutes or more each.

Who is This For?

Created for grownups (age 30+) in these professions: actors/actresses; authors/writers; business advisors; business coaches; career counselors and employment specialists; chefs, cooks, and, restauranteurs; clothing, fashion, and, wardrobe advisors; consultants and mentors; dentists; dietary and nutrition advisors; DJs; elder care providers; financial advisors; food truck entrepreneurs; hair, grooming, and, makeup specialists; health and diet product salespeople; insurance salespeople; interior designers; lawyers and paralegal professionals; life coaches; medical and mental health professionals; online instructors/trainers; personal trainers; photographers and videographers; real estate professionals; and, wedding planners and officiants.

You get proven methods that work for you to win over your target audiences if you are a professional who wants to boost your success and make money promoting and selling services or products online locally, across the nation, and around the world.

Part of the pioneering LAS VEGAS-STYLE LIFE COACHING now offered worldwide by Coach Woody Goulart. Learn more here.