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Lives in Australia. Imelda is passionate about both music and human psyche. Her qualifications include Bachelor of Music, Music Education and Grad Dip in Counselling. She taught Music in the school system for 10 yrs, engaged in counselling and pastoral care for 8 years before caring for her elderly parents for 9 years. Now she adds another aspect to her career- teaching online. She strives to be the best version of herself daily and encourages others to enjoy the journey of self discovery.

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About this course



Love Music Theory part 2 is a 10 week online course which is composed as  5 lectures, sheets for you to download each week for you to complete, vocabulary drill ( terms for you to learn) and  11 context in the big picture videos. These  videos  explore and to extend your knowledge and understanding of what is covered in the lectures and the sheets and vocabulary drill. There will be 2-3 webinars also  to ask questions and discuss topics throughout the course along with email support (within 24 hours).

Love Music Theory Part 2  continues on from Love Music Theory Part 1.   It assumes that your knowledge of Music Theory is what you have learned from Love Music Theory 1 which is a prerequisite for Love Music Theory Part 2. .  

What does the course cover?

Lecture 1 learning topics are:

  • More note values: Quaver and Semiquaver and their rests
  • Enharmonic change: notes sounding the same but having a different name. eg C sharp and D flat.
  • Irregular note grouping: triplet: 3 notes played in the time of 2 of the same kind.
  • Tie and the slur and the function of each type.
  • Vocabulary Drill: Italian terms and definitions.

Lecture 2:

  • Scale Formation of a major Scale: T,T,S,T,T,TD on the sharp side of the cycle.
  • Key signatures What they are and their function- CMajor, G Major, DMajor, F Major and Bb Major.
  • Time Signatures: other than those with 4 as the bottom figure eg 8,  2/8, 3/8, 4//8
  • Chromatic and Diatonic Semitones:
  • Transposition: learning how to transpose using scale degree numbers to different major keys using those keys we have learned so far.
  • Technical Terms: Learning the
    technical degree names of the scale.
  • Vocabulary Drill: Italian Terms and definitions.

Lecture 3:

  • Scale Formation of a major Scale: T,T,S,T,T,T,D on the flat side of the cycle.
  • Key signatures: What they are and their function- C Maj, G Maj,
    D Maj, F Maj and Bb Maj.
  • Tonic triads in Root position, first and second inversion.
  • Explored Tonic Triads of C Major, G Major, D Major, F Major, and B flat Major.
  • Time Signatures: Learned 2/2,3/2/ and 4/2
  • Increased skills in transposition adding F Major and B flat major.
  • Vocabulary drill: Italian terms and signs.

Lecture 4:

  • Intervals: How they function melodically and harmonically.
  • Primary Triads: Understanding Primary triads and how they function as a basis for harmony. 
  • Vocabulary drill: Italian terms and signs.

Lecture 5:

  • Introduction to setting words to rhythms.
  • Introduction to melody writing.


  1.  Desire to learn and to make your best commitment to learning.
  2. 15-20 minutes 5-6 days a week of focused learning. I have provided a suggested study plan for you and  I have designed the course with time efficiency in mind.
  3. Ability to download sheets and vocabulary drill and print them.
  4. You need to have completed  Love Music Theory Part 1 as it  is a prerequisite.


  • People who have completed Love Music Theory Part 1 who would like to extend their skills up to AMEB Grade 1 standard.
  • Budding composer in each of us who would like to be able to translate our inspirational composition in our minds into a reality.
  • People who play by ear but want to build on the notation skills they have learned in Love Music Theory Part 1 ( a beginners course on Music Theory)
  • People who sing in a choir, but now realise you need to understand the notation in greater detail. 
  • For all of us who are arm chair music lovers or concert goers who would like to understand more about what we hear.
  • For students who are studying for Music Theory exams who have missed key learnings in their studies or have misunderstood what they have learned and need a solid  course that will fill in these elementary educational gaps.
  • Music Teachers who wish to refer  students to an in depth, comprehensive online course to give them that flexibility in learning.

 PAYMENT: The actual price of your course will be converted from USD to local currency when the student enters her credit card and pays for the course. Currently I am offering the course as a one time payment through Paypal or Stripe.

REFUND POLICY: Refund for the course will be offered within 14 days of enrolling in the course only.

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