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Olimpia Etts

Olimpia is a Licensed Certified Clinical Social Worker with a bachelor's degree in psychology and master's degree in social work. She has a private practice where she specializes working with adults who have a history of emotional or compulsive eating, trauma, anxiety and depression. She is trained in Internal Family Systems therapy, Intimacy From the Inside Out couples therapy and Integral Breath Therapy. She practices and teaches mindfulness and meditation.

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About this Course

Let's face it, when stressed out, tired and overwhelmed, there is nothing that soothes like chocolate, frozen treats and fast food. This course was designed to help you understand the psychological reasons and origins of why you turn to food for comfort and to re-introduce you to a way of eating that can help you achieve your body's natural weight. This course is for anyone who is interested in learning how to make peace with food and their body. Most extra weight comes from eating when not physically hungry. You will learn how to reconnect your eating with actual hunger, learn what causes you to want to eat when you are not hungry, why foods are not good or bad, and begin to trust your body's wisdom. Upon completion of this course, you will have been introduced to techniques that will help you distinguish between mouth hunger and stomach hunger, identify when, what and how much to eat, understand why food feels so comforting, understand how thoughts affect feelings and choices, how to question your beliefs, how to meditate, and more.