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Dr. Randall Kinnison

Dr. Kinnison is an author and professional who brings over 30 years of experience surrounding mediation, counseling, and helping others solve difficult life issues. He graduated with honors with a BA, Masters and Doctoral degrees. He has taught at the undergraduate and graduate levels. He speaks and trains others in mediation, performance, divorce, business, non-profit and eldercare. He has successfully built a mediation firm with other associates spanning several states. He is active serving in the community from non-profit boards to feeding the homeless. Randy and Sharlyne were married in 1976. They have five children and 4 grand children.

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About this Course

Basic topics covered online include:

  • Definitions and Spectrum of ADR (Alternative Dispute Resolution)
  • Roles of a Mediator
  • Principles of Interest-Based Mediation
  • Definition and Sources of Conflict
  • Conflict Styles
  • Matrix and Testing of your own Conflict Style
  • Stages of Mediation
  • Factors of Resistance
  • Written Agreements
  • Mediation Skills
  • Power in Mediation
  • Caucusing
  • Co-Mediation
  • Confidentiality
  • Ethics

Live training consists of role playing and discussion of content material. Students must complete the online section before they can attend the live training.