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Jenny Blake

I love helping awesome people (like you!) find clarity, flow, freedom and momentum in life and work. One of my mottos for tackling complex projects: let it be easy, let it be fun. I look forward to working with you in this course! For additional resources, visit and subscribe to the Pivot Podcast wherever you listen to 'casts :)

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About this Course

The era of “climbing the ladder” as a method of managing your career is out. We are now in the age of the app. Everything you need is at your fingertips, fully customizable to your unique career aspirations.

Careers are not a linear process any more – no longer do we adhere to a ladder model of getting into a job, staying at the same company, and moving our way up through the vertical org chart. In today’s world, people are exploring, experimenting, building a foundation, moving horizontally within companies, job-hopping, and building their own businesses on the side. Rather than following a linear path, in this workshop you will learn how to explore, experiment and build a strong foundation that suits your dynamic talents and goals.

About the Workshop

What: A two-hour online workshop + Q&A
September 11 at 7pm ET 
What we'll cover: I will walk you through exactly how to think about your career in a more dynamic, fluid way — and provide plenty of hands-on exercises for you to figure out what works best for you. You'll create a strategy for exactly how to move forward in a way that best supports your short AND long-term career growth and happiness.

By the end of the session you will learn:

  • How to set an "app strategy" by identifying what you are most interested in moving forward
  • How to make progress with a giant goal even when you can’t see the entire path at the outset
  • How to build a strong support network to hold you accountable and keep you motivated
  • How to survive “the dip” — even when all you want to do is quit
  • How to listen to your gut and distinguish between “shoulds” versus “zone of genius” next steps
  • How to clear clutter and re-charge so that you don't crash
  • A clear plan for what exact action/s are required once the workshop ends

We'll also do a short round of Q&A at the end of the call where you can ask me anything. Seriously, anything. I'm an open book: income numbers, fears, solopreneurship, insecurities, how to not sweat, shake or stutter like a maniac when you're about to give a big speech. I'm all yours!