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Emily Bessemer PT, DPT, CLT-LANA, PRYT

Emily is a doctorate of physical therapy - she has a focus and a passion for women's health and pelvic floor rehabilitation. Through this she discovered her own connection to her body, the moon, and the connections of the lunar path with the female body. Her courses connect women to their innate lunar energy and their bodies through movement, yoga and energy work.

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About this Course

You're almost there! In this course we will cover several topics over the next THREE MONTHS!

3 moon cycle long ONLINE program for tracking your moon cycle + women’s health and ritual practice.

You would expect to receive over the next 3 moon cycles:
✨ new + full moon practices (gentle yoga based exercises, reiki ritual and breathing practices)
✨ moon cycle tracking and understanding with your body
✨ nutrition practices for the cycles
✨ essential oil use through your moon cycle - one oil discussed/month
✨ women’s health education + pelvic floor education

The dates will be starting on the New Moon on July 13 and ending on the New Moon October 9th - this gives 3 full moon cycles for us to work together to get in the habit of working with the moon.