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Julie, The Cat Teacher

My mission is to help people enrich their cats' lives with clicker training. I am a Certified Applied Animal Behaviourist, and I have been training animals for more than a decade. I love to break complex behaviours into tiny achievable steps and show people how rewarding it is to train their cat. When I'm not busy teaching Cat School students, you can find me spending time training my full-time live-in student, a black cat named Jones.

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About this Course

Welcome to Teach Your Cat A Secret Pawshake

In this course, you will learn all the pawshake behaviours and how to combine them into your signature pawshake. 

+ Short demonstration videos and notes for each lesson
+ Self-paced: Take your time working through each of the lessons


+ Lesson 1:  
• On target: Learn how to teach all the pawshake behaviours (High Five, Low Five and Fist Bump) using a target.

+ Lesson 2:
• Alternate paws: Learn how to cue each paw.
• 'Two For One': Two paws for one treat.

+ Lesson 3:
• Build a three behaviour pawshake: Fist bump (left ), Low five (Right), Fist bump (Right).

+ Lesson 4:
• Build a four behaviour pawshake: Low five (left), Fist bump (left ), Low five (Right), Fist bump (Right).

+ Lesson 5:
• Assignment: Build your signature pawshake with at least four behaviours.