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Maria   duane april 2018

Maria Owl & Duane Michael

Maria Owl and Duane Michael are the directors of Sacred Future, an organization devoted to ushering in a new paradigm of empowered global and galactic community. Sacred Future offers a 9-month Intuitive Healing certification program. Find out more at

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About this Course

We have the power, right now, to resolve our greatest sufferings.

Most of us live with a pervasive feeling of separation, abandonment, betrayal or fear of being unlovable. No matter what situation in your external world may have re-enforced these feelings, their source is within you and can only be resolved by diving inward.

Maria Christina Owl and Duane Vos, assisted by their Higher Dimensional Helpers, are offering you a container of limitless love to do this healing work. 

They desire for you to know the true value of the polarities within you, why they're there, and how they propel you to ascend beyond the 3D consciousness, moving away from self-punishment and judgement.

 If we can profoundly understand these Soul level truths, regarding our journey of ascension, we'll more easily be able to surrender into the Sacred Union with compassion and forgiveness.


Maria Owl and Duane Vos