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Holy Women Icons Project

The Holy Women Icons Project seeks to empower women by telling the stories of revolutionary holy women through art, writing, and special events.

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About this course


HWIP’s 7-Day Online Queer Spirituality Retreat is an opportunity to subversively queer your spirituality, and for the LGBTQ+ community to celebrate our spirituality without having to translate it through the lens of heteronormativity. Self-guided and open to everyone, the Queer Spirituality Retreat features seven different queer women of color: Pauli Murray, Frida Kahlo, Perpetua and Felicity, the Shulamite, Marsha P Johnson, Guanyin, and Gloria Anzaldúa. Each retreat day takes about 20 minutes and includes an inspirational quote, an icon image, a reflective essay, a guided writing exercise, a ritual exercise, and a closing blessing. The only necessary supplies are an internet connection, and on some days, pen and paper (markers or journal if you so choose). 

You can sign up and begin whenever you want! If you miss a day, you can always go back and revisit the missed material, so you can participate in the retreat based on your schedule. Register, reflect, and celebrate Queer Spirituality!

This retreat was graciously made possible by a BTS Center Innovation Incubator Grant.