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Candace Craw-Goldman

Candace Craw-Goldman has been involved in the Healing Arts since the year 2000 and has studied with many healers across the world. Notably, she worked closely with the late, great Dolores Cannon from 2008-2014, assisting her in her live trainings and workshops. Candace is the founder of the ORIGINAL Quantum Healing Support Forum Community for Spiritual and Energy Practitioners and also the Worldwide Directory of Quantum Healers called She is known in the Metaphysical Community as a healer, writer, broadcaster, speaker and consultant. Currently offering instruction in her own concept and method that is called, “Beyond Quantum Healing,” BQH moves beyond dogma and limitation which breaks new ground for practitioners and clients alike who are ready to experience healing in a new way on the New Earth. Quantum Connect is a NEW non-trance approach appropriate for all healers, coaches and wayshowers.

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About this course

Why Beyond Quantum Healing (BQH)?

Many energy healing practitioners, new and experienced alike, are taught that adhering to an exact method or never varying from an 'approved' script is paramount. That if you just go through the right mechanics of the method that the outcome will be perfect and any problems that occur are due to the practitioner.  This leaves practitioners and clients alike very frustrated and without the ability and knowledge to handle any sessions that do not fit perfectly within the mechanics of that method. 

BQH offers a way to close those knowledge and procedural gaps by focusing NOT on method, but on intention and heart-based connection to allow for the flexibility often necessary when a session is not fitting perfectly into a procedural box.  BQH is designed to be highly adaptable for both client and practitioner, suggesting that all appropriate tools available to the Practitioner be available for the Client. Even experienced hypnotherapists can benefit from this course because it teaches how to consider the heart and intention-based connections that may provide healing, where conventional hypnosis may not have considered these metaphysical aspects that left clients unable to heal.

BQH Course Description

Currently: 14 Lessons, 25+ videos, dozens of replays of live webinars available.  (note: MORE videos available on the included Support Forum category) short lesson videos, longer session example videos and much more to come. 40+ support PDF information documents for download.  Free 30-day access to the Quantum Healing Support Forum is provided upon registration.

Price: Currently USD $444. The Payment interface is Stripe, which does accept credit and debit cards. If alternate payment methods are needed, please contact the support team at 

Course Information: 

BQH is presented a little bit differently than many "top down" alternative healing classes. It is based on the concept that you truly are remembering WHO you really are and what you have to offer in service to others. You are welcomed and encouraged to bring that individualized and creative component to your Beyond Quantum Healing practice. 

Summary of current Course Syllabus:

  • Lesson 1:   Course Introduction
  • Lesson 2:   Why Beyond Quantum Healing?
  • Lesson 3:   Getting Ready to Start
  • Lesson 4:   How to Communicate, Connect and Prepare your Clients
  • Lesson 5:   Assess each Client's Needs and Goals
  • Lesson 6:   Suggested Session Script ideas
  • Lesson 7:   The Session Itself - Exploration
  • Lesson 8:   The Session Itself - The Healing Component
  • Lesson 9:   The Session - More Details
  • Lesson 10: Session Variables and how to Address Them
  • Lesson 11: Session Debrief
  • Lesson 12: The Importance of a Support Community
  • Lesson 13: Technology, Business, and Marketing
  • Lesson 14: Wrap-up

Due to the nature of Digital Courses, we are unable to offer refunds except in the case of mistaken purchase. Requests *must* be made within 24 hours of purchase and if granted, a service fee of $25 will be deducted from the refund to cover the payment transaction fee.  Thank you for your understanding.

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