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Sara Jolena

Founder of Sequoia Samanvaya, LLC and designer of the ReMembering and ReEnchanting courses. Sara Jolena is a healer, Interdisciplinary Artist, Minister, and your teacher-guide on this journey. In service to the Divine and All Beings; on my own healing journey; in love with love and life and integration and growing and Sequoias.

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About this course

The time of the Anthropocene Age is now. 

Where does this moment  really come from? What (whose) story are we telling - re-membering - about the past that informs the present which influences the future? What do we need to re-member to grow closer to  Wisdom?  Have you found the historical narrative to weave race and place, environment and women's bodies, indigenous concerns and immigration, islamaphobia and climate change? The Doctrine of Discovery with the European witch hunts? Your spiritual practice with our material reality? 

Too often, an inaccurate story about climate change and the Anthropocene Age is told.  Too often, we are dis-membered from our actual past, and thus challenged to make good choices in the future. Too often, we are replicating historical trauma, a trauma lived in our bodies and in our theologies and our daily interactions.

Re-Membering: to weave together the parts torn assunder by colonization and capitalism, to enable us to re-enchant the world. Re-member more accurately, without getting lost in fear/guilt/shame/despair.  Re-Membering: to not turn away from historical trauma, but to in-corporate it. Remembering: to trust that on the journey of truth,  we can and will encounter Spirit: to trust the divine as we engage with systemic injustice.

 We journey back in time to engage with personal/familial, religious, spiritual and ecological history, including the history of sugar.  This is heavy material  and could be triggering. Take care of yourself during the journey. Drink lots of water. Walk in the sunshine. Let your body tell you when you have read enough hard stuff, and need to go and play with children. This is a course of spiritual development because it is grounded in the Spirit and spiritual practices that engage all of your senses infuse the course. As with all forms of spiritual development, paying attention is primary.  We will not cover everything. 


Part I  5 lessons every-other-week.

During the course, students read amazing - and often heartbreaking -  material, and will be recommended audio, video, and poetic sources to learn from, inspire, and engage with.  Limited availability ensures maximum attention, feedback and learning opportunities.

Regular assignments are designed to integrate learning.  

 Material generated is owned by the students; Sara Jolena will strive to help share it as desired by the students.  The course is designed to fit into busy schedules and it will be clear what is requested vs recommended.

Course expectations

Show up. Pay Attention.  Participate with a Positive Attitude and accept imperfections as part of the process.

Attendance in the live zoom sessions. 

 Sessions are often recorded so if you need to miss one it is OK. Please inform the instructor in advance.

Respecting of other students' expressions is key. 

Completion of readings/videos.  There is a strong, "you are adults and I trust you" approach to the reading: read what you can, as you can philosophy. Deeper reading material will be provided and reading guidance is offered for those who want it.

Engagement in discussions in online spaces.

Engagement in creating a final Integration Project

Offering feedback to the Instructor.

At the end of 2018, 10% of tuition profits will be donated to Tewa Women's United, a by-indigenous women, for indigenous women local based in Santa Clara Pueblo, New Mexico.