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Erich Hunter Ph.D.

Dr. Hunter has studied and practiced many spiritual/energy healing modalities. Eventually, he discovered pendulum healing and found that using the pendulum was a much more effective and fun way for him to carry out his healing work. Over time he has developed his own methods and theoretical foundation for pendulum healing, and now he teaches others his innovative methods and approach.

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About this Course

Everyone has an "Inner Child".  

This is the being we were before we lost our innocence. 

As adults our inner child is still alive but mostly hidden. 

This course will help you heal your inner child and make it safe for them to come out and play again.

Topics include:

  • Welcome to Inner Child Healing with Pendulums
  • Healing Your Inner Child- Questions to Consider First
  • Discovering & Healing Your Inner Child- Going Over the Questions
  • Closing  Song

The course consists of a handout and mini video lessons that you can view online 24/7 until at least Jan. 2019

You can study the material at your own pace and ask questions during the course.

If you have any interest in doing inner child healing, and/or bringing your inner child out to play, this course is for you.