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David and Jonathan Bennett

As seen in over 800 media appearances, we're certified personal coaches and relationship experts, and authors of seven self-help books on dating, relationships, and personal growth. Through Double Trust Dating (, The Popular Man (, and Theta Hill Consulting (, we help over a million yearly visitors and clients make positive life changes.

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About this course

Online Dating Makeover 2.0: Proven Strategies To Repel Duds and Attract Your Dream Guy

In our 7 years of dating and relationship coaching for guys, one shocking statistic we don't usually admit is that we speak in front of more women than men. Our jobs take us to a variety of conferences and speaking events, and the women in the audience usually come to us with a lot of questions, or comments like "I never thought about that before, but now it makes sense!"  

We have updated this course to version 2.0, with even better tips, better videos, and updated information!

So, after working with thousands of women through speaking gigs and other events, we decided to start creating some courses specifically for women. 

Many women we talked to seemed to do fairly well at online dating, and were getting some matches and messages...just not from the right guys. 

"Help! All I meet are creepers, jerks, or flakes."

That's what we usually hear. Over and over and over again. That's why we developed this course. 

The bad news is that most women's profiles (including photos and words) are written based on what they would want to see, not what a quality guy is looking for. 

In fact, we discuss the jerk paradox in this course...why your profile is likely repelling good guys, but inviting in jerks and creepers, and how to fix it.

In this fun and informative course,  we give you a "profile tune-up," walking you through photo selection, profile wording, matching, and even messaging. 

And, if you don't like the course for any reason, we'll refund your purchase within 90 days. Just give us feedback as to what need you had that the course didn't meet so we can improve it! 

Each module contains an educational video (downloadable too!) and workbook with information, reflection exercises, and action steps to put things into practice.  

Module 1
In this module, you'll learn why your profile is attracting the wrong guys, and we introduce The Jerk Paradox, which explains why  only jerks and creepers message you.   

Module 2
The photo is very important. Guys are visual, and this is the main thing...maybe the only  thing they look for.  In this lesson, you'll learn how to choose photos that quality guys look for, and why you're probably choosing photos that have the opposite effect. 

Module 3
So, since guys are visual, what you write doesn't matter, right? Wrong.  The profile is where quality guys go to see if a woman is worth contacting after assessing photos. A quality profile can make the difference, and in this lesson we provide tips and tricks to create an inviting and attractive profile.

Module 4
Setting preferences is easy and fun! This is where you get to exclude every guy you just know  you won't like. But...what if the way you're excluding guys is all wrong? In this lesson, you'll learn why most women actually pre-sort guys they love in real life! In this lesson, you'll learn a better way to sort through guys.

Module 5
Matching seems easy enough, but why is it most women tell us that despite being very picky, they only end up matching with creeps, losers, and players? There are reasons why, and we explain how to match in a way that invites winners, while leaving the losers behind.

Module 6
In this lesson, we explain how to take charge of messaging in a way that will get you more attractive and quality guys (as proven by research).  And, we'll show you how to do it in a way that isn't too aggressive or going to turn a guy off.

Bonus #1
In this bonus, we walk you through strategies on five different dating apps, helping you navigate the realities of each, including what the men tend to be like, as well as what your competition is going to be. Includes downloadable video and pdf copy of presentation

Bonus #2
Here, we give you a list of profile and messaging ideas that reflect the six modules. These include cute and feminine profile lines, as well as great non-threatening openers and conversation ideas.  

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