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Maria Owl & Duane Michael

Maria Owl and Duane Michael are the directors of Sacred Future, an organization devoted to ushering in a new paradigm of empowered global and galactic community. Sacred Future offers a 9-month Intuitive Healing certification program. Find out more at

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About this Course

Receive ongoing support as you develop your channeling ability!

Maria and Duane share 70 years of experience between them and are both adept channels, mediums and oracles.

This group gathers for an hour and 15 minutes of support through Q&A and trainings.

We welcome guest mentor Helane Wahbeh, Channeling Scientist and Author, onto many of our calls. This is a special treat for our participants!

This is an "Open Access" registration and participation process.
After 6 group calls you will have an opportunity to register for another 6 calls.

All Holistic Channeling Support Calls will be listed here with the links to join. Each link will be different and you have to access them through this portal to get onto the calls.

To re-up and register for 6 more calls, please use the "Re-Up Payment Link" at the top of the list of Webinar links.

6 Group Calls :  $225

Upcoming Calls:
2018 -   Dec 15

2019 -   Jan 12, Feb 2, 16, March 2, 23

8am HST,  10am PST,  1pm EST