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Maria   duane april 2018

Maria Owl & Duane Michael

Maria Owl and Duane Michael are the directors of Sacred Future, an organization devoted to ushering in a new paradigm of empowered global and galactic community. Sacred Future offers a 9-month Intuitive Healing certification program. Find out more at

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About this Course

The Solstice energies are building. It's time to prepare our body-mind-hearts for the 5-day influx of solar rays and cosmic information.

Human Beings are natural conduits for the Earth and Cosmic energies. These energies are hugely amplified on Solstices! If we are not clear in ourselves -and are carrying toxic thoughts, substances and emotions within us, then this Solstice influx of energy could feel overwhelming and cause you to go into defense, rather than an opening.

*Defense can look like numbing, picking fights, spiraling down, losing sense of purpose, core wounds being magnified.

This Solstice - let's connect our mind-heart-consciousness in a unified purpose of helping the Earth and her People take a Quantum Leap - Out of Reverse Grids and Into Harmonic Resonance with The Pure Love Source.

What is yours to bring/contribute??
Let it be authentic and without fear -
You are a conduit! So, what happens when your mind-heart opens and your Pure Essence moves into and through you without hindrance? 

I want to witness this in, from and for all of us!

"The Guardians" have relayed a communication with us that they want to transmit a * Message To Humanity * during the June 20th Pre-Summer Solstice Clearing & Activation podcast (9:00am PST). (!!)

This was surprising to us, because they have not come through for months now. Yet Summer Solstice will open a heightened-broader bandwidth of light-consciousness between the higher dimensions and the Earth and it makes sense that these very high dimensional helpers would use this open channel to communicate.



For 3 days before the Podcast, access meditations and transmissions from the Higher Dimensional Helpers to prepare you to receive during the 5 portal days of Solstice.


  • Welcome from the Tri-Council of Light (Sirian, Pleiadian, Arcturian)

  • Energetic full-scale clearing - This is a gentle process and can be euphoric

  • Message for Humanity from the Guardians

  • Closing Prayer


The day after, access integration support and the downloadable mp3 of the main transmission.


We hope you will join us for this auspicious occasion. 

Maria Christina Owl and Duane Michael