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Kelli May-Krenz

I believe in creating everyday. For me creating is like breathing, I simply must do it. I have so many interests when it comes to creating. I love painting, stitching, graphic design, illustration and everything I can possible make in my studio. I spend my days dreaming up things that make me happy hoping that by sharing others will fill their happy up too! I like using materials that are found in nature and around our spaces. I am a huge believer in finding joy in creating with very little. I treasure my life, knowing every single day I am lucky to be here.

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About this course

get your bloom on!  come with me on this colorful, blossoming journey in creating your very own bouquet of happy!

over 18 lessons and 25 videos teaching you so many new techniques using watercolor pencils, watercolors, acrylics, stabilo pencil, white ink.

you will learn how to make so many pieces of art. all of these techniques can be used in your journals, other mixed media art you are creating.

endless joy found here. lifetime access. private facebook page called Soul Filled Stems.  xo