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Maria Christina Owl

Join the Evolution of Conscious Leadership! Maria Owl is the founder and director of Sacred Future and the Global Light Leader Training. She is an international spiritual teacher and healer, working to empower women and men to align with their natural harmonic resonance within the greater Web of Life. Schedule a Quantum Recalibration Session with Maria:

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About this Course

Welcome to an exploration in your unique ability to channel the Divine!

First let's define what a channel is and what a medium is, so we're on the same page as you read further:

A Channel -  is someone who brings through higher information, as well as messages from non-human, higher dimensional beings, using their own bodies as the conduits.

A Medium - is someone who channels messages from those who are deceased, who were once human, and might let them come into their body, using their body as a conduit.

Whether you have always known you are a channel or a medium, or you're just curious about how to develop this ability, this course will give you Must Have foundational knowledge to begin or enhance your practice.

Channeling has been very misunderstood throughout history, yet it is happening all the time!

Have you ever received a knowing of where to go, what to say, how things are put together, or that something was about to happen? Most of us have! This is channeling. We are channeling our own higher dimensional consciousness. And for some, we bring through higher dimensional information from beings that aren't us, but want to assist our evolution.


1. This online course in 11 well-designed modules, is a distillation of my 18 years of experience, practice and training as a channel and medium. I have created this accessible online training because I have witnessing, and have witnessed for many decades, more and more people wanting to develop this gift and having nowhere to go for mentoring.  

Here’s a common example: There are many people on the planet who have the ability to sense and/or see the Souls of deceased people. Unfortunately, when these individuals aren't mentored, they can find themselves as a magnet for wandering lost souls wherever they go, coming home at the end of the day with sometimes hundreds of "ghosts" glommed onto them. If they don't know this is happening, they could misdiagnose the situation, believing it’s a personal dysfunction. 

In this course you will watch videos and listen to audio trainings about how to clear the Soul Contracts that create these "magnet" situation and also look at what options there are to still be of service without all the negative side-effects!

2. I've experienced myself how dangerous exploring this gift can be without guidance. 

3. I believe anyone can develop the ability to channel, if they want to. By opening to our gift to channel we have an opportunity to transmit positive life-changing information to our friends, family, clients, and community.


I've been a medium and channel my whole life. I come from a family of mediums on both sides, though it was never named, understood or talked about. It took me 38 years to find support in developing my "out of control" gift into a skill I could use to benefit others. I just couldn't find any healthy teachers in this field! Most mediums I encountered were severed from their bodies, sometimes grossly overweight because of that, and developing serious diseases such as fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue, neuralgia, muscle cramping, and emotional and mental confusion. Many of them had given their power away to the entities they were channeling, believing the entity's agenda was more important than their own health! In 2010 my brother took on a negative non-human entity in a full body possession, which he is still living with today. In 2011 I ordained as an Orisa Priest and finally received mentoring for my gift. 

Today, I channel in service to my community on a regular, yet scheduled, basis. I am very healthy in all areas of my life. I LOVE what I do and my guides assist me constantly in creating more health for myself and others. In 2016 I began bringing through a very high dimensional consciousness who  I call The Great Mother. Eventually this Universal vibration diversified into intelligent Soul Complexes identifying themselves as the Sirian Council of Light, Pleaidian Council of Light and Arcturian Medican Guild. I also channel the Hathors and many Ascended Masters. My brother is still containing a negative entity and has been on federal disability for years. For whatever reason, this is a contract he has made. Perhaps he is the "end of the family curse" of these kinds of negative possessions? We don't really know. Yet for some reason, we are an example of the negative and positive of what can happen for full-body channels. 


During this course, you will learn all my secrets of what I did to rewire my energetic and physical bodies to be able to have healthy and powerful relationships to my Ancestors and the Higher Dimensional Beings, while never compromising my physical health. Today, I approach channeling as a mature conscious choice and I am accountable to my physical, emotional and mental aspects of self. In the final module of the course I'll share with you my daily self-care practice and "energy hygiene" protocols! 

The 4 foundational wisdoms you will learn in the Holistic Channeling online course:

1. What  every channel or medium should do to set up your energy and physical body before beginning a session

2. How to keep your energy body clean and what physical/emotional symptoms to look for that hint you're out of balance

3. How to develop strong protection and strong discernment as you encounter deceased human souls and multi-dimensional entities

4.  How to develop healthy, high vibration connections with loving Spiritual Helpers, Ancestors and Nature Beings, and bring through accurate transmissions that you can absolutely trust!

** BONUS **

And as a very special bonus, Helané Wahbeh will be adding her wisdom in the first module, with guided PowerPoint journey through her Science of Channeling  research.  And again in the last week in the form of an audio recorded interview on her personal experience working with earthbound spirits .  Helané is a channel herself, as well as the Director of Research & Evaluation at the Institute of Noetic Sciences (IONS), where she is directing a comprehensive channeling research program.  (More on Helané's work...)


  • 11 comprehensive modules

  • Go at your own pace lessons

  • Special bonuses at the end

  • Pre-recorded video and audio classes that demystify paranormal experiences and validate your abilities, with summary transcriptions

  • Downloadable audio class by Helané Wahbeh on the Science of Channeling

  • Downloadable audio meditations by Maria Owl to clear and rewire your energy body for channeling and talk you through a healthy channeling protocol

  • Exploratory journaling exercises to help you track your development

  • Access to your course once it's complete to review and watch videos again

Opportunity to add Live Support! 

 Join the monthly Holistic Channeling Group Support Calls. 

There are usually one to two calls per month. We aim at every other week. We highly recommend this, as you WILL have questions coming up as you go through the curriculum and training recordings. 

The addition of the support calls gives you Maria, Duane and Helane focusing on your situation to mentor you for your Highest Healthy Channeling experience. Plus you will meet other lightworkers who share your gift. 

We desire to foster a healthy community of channels and mediums by providing this safe place to discuss these topics and share experiences.

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Maria Owl is the founder and director of the Transformational Leadership Foundations Certificate program at Sacred Future. She is an international spiritual teacher and ceremonial leader. She began her training as a group facilitator and speaker in 1998, desiring to understand how to truly create safe and sacred space for collective transformation. Maria has been a gifted healer all her life and has studied with native teachers from 15 different Indigenous cultures.

Maria received her MA degree from the California Institute of Integral Studies in Integral Counseling Psychology. Maria has taught Indigenous Medicine in higher education for over 10 years including at Naropa and Dominican Universities, New College of California, and Energy Medicine University where she also served as Dean of Students for 2 years. She received her BA from New College of California, in Culture, Ecology & Sustainable Community with a self-designed concentration on Group Facilitation. 

I believe channeling is a natural part of being human. We are conduits for energy - Earth energies, Cosmic energies and multi-dimensional information. I have a desire for channeling to be normalized and accepted by the mainstream. For this to happen, there must be efforts made to educate people on this phenomenon and it's benefits.

Are you in? 

I hope so, because if you are a channel/medium, this course will be a game-changer. 

You will re-align with your gift in such a rewarding way, you'll be thanking me profusely forever! I'm serious!


Maria Christina Owl