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Sara Wiseman

Sara Wiseman is a visionary spiritual teacher and award-winning author who has reached tens of thousands of students worldwide via her books, courses and training. She is the founder of Intuition University, and writes the award-winning Daily Divine blog and hosts the popular Spiritual Psychic and Ask Sara podcasts. For FREE resources, visit

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About this Course

This a FREE 11-week course from Sara Wiseman. 

It is a Seeker's Guide to her book Messages from the Divine: Wisdom for the Seeker's Soul. 

You can use the course along with the book, or you on its own—it works both ways. 

This course begins as soon as you sign up. You'll receive one lesson per week for 11 weeks. 

Again, no purchase is necessary. 

To get the book or ebook,  order it here.

You can work on this course on your own, or teach it in a soul circle of spiritual seekers and friends. 

Over 3000 spiritual seekers the world over have taken this course! 

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