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Erich Hunter Ph.D.-

Please visit for latest updates. Thanks. Dr. Erich Hunter teaches his pioneering approach to Pendulum Healing practitioners internationally. He is the author of three innovative books on Pendulum Healing and has taught over a thousand practitioners this energy healing method. Erich also designs high-vibration, custom healing pendulums.

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About this course

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Nature spirits are always around us and greatly influence our daily lives. In this course you will learn how to recognize the different types of nature spirits and how to use your pendulum to harmonize relations with them.

The course will focus on the specific types of nature spirits that are most common and also have greatest influence on people including:

  • Devas
  • Fairies
  • Trolls
  • Tree Spirits
  • Rock Spirits
  • Water Spirits
  • Birds with Spirit Connections
  • Other Animals with Spirit Connections
  • Orbs
  • I will also teach you about how to discover local nature spirits that are unique to where you live.

The course is fun, fascinating, and highly informative. No previous experience required.

Benefits Include:

  • Learning to identify your local nature spirits
  • Communicating with them for a win-win relationship
  • Using your pendulum to heal nature
  • Learning how the nature spirits can help you with many things such as finding a place to live, settling into a new place, working the land (e.g. gardening, farming, raising horses and livestock), feeling revived in nature, bringing magic into your life, protecting nature, healing and protecting your land, using natural forces in the healing process, becoming a member of your local natural community, becoming more aware of the hidden world around you, and being able to successfully communicate with the hidden forces of nature.

If you are excited by the idea of strengthening your connection to the magical part of nature, this course is for you.