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Chivito Cowa

Chivito is a certified Ayurveda Practitioner and been leading shamanic journeys, healings and trainings since 2006. He's a wilderness guide and leads youth & Adult wilderness Rites of Passage.

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About this course

Learn Ayurveda Through The Way of Coyote

Join us twice month as we gather around the virtual campfire to explore the ancient wisdom of Ayurveda and how it's being expressed in our lives right now.  Ayurveda shares how the patterns of nature are also patterned within us physically, mentally, and emotionally and through these virtual campfires you discover how the practices, principles, meditations, rituals and ways of living in greater connection and balance.

The Way of Coyote reflects the traditional way of learning found in traditions and cultures the world over.  The Way of Coyote is to learn through storytelling, of discovering of how these principles and medicines are being expressed in the immediacy of our life in this moment and how to awaken our ability to live this wisdom.  We weave together humor, storytelling, simple action steps and understanding through dialogue.

Gather around the virtual campfire and join a national community in learning Ayurveda.  We connect via conference call twice a month!  PLUS you gain access to other calls, bonus resources (videos, articles, meditations, cooking) AND receive free mentoring via email.