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Exploring the Possibilities in Learner Centered Education. Online and In-Person Education for Early Childhood Professionals.

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About this course

Thank you for your interest in joining our online learning community. We look forward to working and learning together. 

Our life as an educator is complex and invites us to fill many roles within the early childhood setting. 

  • We are co-learners and collaborators. 
  • We create and nurture environments that stimulate learning. 
  • Educators practice listening and being responsive to the needs of the children and families we serve. 
  • We are keen observers who love to engage in thoughtful dialogue. 
  • We are constructors of relationships and the glue that binds the learning community together.

In our approximately 1.5 hour course, Who Am I in the Classroom? An Introduction to Our Role as Educatorswe will identify and define who we are as educators by examining our role in the classroom. Together, we will learn how questions inform our practice, learn new methods to collaborate with children, refine our values as educators, recognize our work is emotional labor, and learn about the importance of self-care.

Essential Questions are the basis for the inquiry and our work together.

  • Who are the children we serve?
  • What is our role in the classroom? 

  • How do our actions influence the learning community?

  • How can connections and a sense of belonging both be found, and created?

  • What do we know about children and how can we find out more?

  • How does self-care assist us in our practice?

Our Workshop, Who Am I in the Classroom? An Introduction to Our Role as Educators, is an opportunity to examine and define our role as educators and learn new ideas and concepts that support our thinking about how we see children in our lives. You will learn how to look deeply at your practice and further develop your skills as a practitioner and contributor in the early childhood community.

Thanks for your interest in this workshop. 

We hope you will join us.

Greg and Ingrid