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Exploring the Possibilities in Learner Centered Education. Online and In-Person Education for Early Childhood Professionals.

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About this Course

Thank you for your interest in joining our online learning community. We look forward to working and learning together.

Children are individuals capable of leading their own learning. The journey of being a child is one of growth and collaboration alongside adults and society. How the adult world views the child and supports the child affects the rights of the child and their pathways to living and learning. 

Our approximately 3 hour course, The Rights of the Child, introduces us to the rights of children in education and how these rights impact and support children, teachers, and the community. We are taking a deeper look into children's rights in education and how it supports the learning community. Then we explore the pathways that support children's rights in education and what are the practices that support the educational rights of children in the classroom.

Our Essential Questions

Essential Questions are the basis for the inquiry for our work together. For this class, we can use questions to guide our thinking.

  • What does it mean for children to have the right to be valued as a member of the community?
  • What are the basic rights of children?
  • How does agency (being able to make choices and decisions to influence events and to have an impact on one's world) support children's ability to learn, grow, and develop?
  • What are the educational pathways that support children's rights in education?

Essential Questions are the basis for the inquiry for our work together.

Our course, The Rights of the Child, has six lessons to support us in thinking about how we see the children in our lives.

  • Lesson 1: Course Navigation
  • Lesson 2: Orientation
  • Lesson 3: Global Rights, Local Children
  • Lesson 4: The Purpose of Education
  • Lesson 5: Educational Rights and Inclusion
  • Lesson 6: Conclusion: Bringing Our Thoughts Together

 We hope you will join us.