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Rahamim Ecology Centre

Rahamim Ecology Centre is an environmental education, spirituality and advocacy ministry of ISMAPNG.

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About this Course

In this online course you will learn the basics of composting and how to create your very own compost system. 

There are four different compost systems that are explored and through the course you will work out which system or combination will best suit you and your needs. We will support you in setting up your compost system and there is a webinar with expert Jen Ringbauer who can answer any questions you might have. This course is designed for people wanting to begin to compost, no matter what type of property from farm to apartment.

There is also a bonus lesson on waste streams and how to reduce waste efficiently in your home or at work.

If you are wanting to reduce your ecological footprint at home or at work, this is the perfect online course to find the right system for your circumstances and help you get started on your waste management  journey.