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Craig Brown

Project/Programme consultant. I spend a lot of time working with PMs and BAs on building up their capabilities, particularly on integrating their knowledge and skill set with agile practices. I have a blog you should check out at

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About this course

Hi, my name is Craig and I am an agile voah and trainer.  I put this course together to help people better understand User Stories.

User Stories are the most popular form for managing requirements on software projects.  

This course introduces the User Story and explains the motivations behind the technique.  It also elaborates user stories, considering how to manage acceptance criteria, and ensuring return on investment improves for your projects.

The course delivers a number of modules over a week.  Each day's module can be completed in about an hour.  There is additional reading material provided if you want to extend your learning beyond the basics coverred in the course content.

The first module introduces some motivations for using User Stories as a way of managing software product requirements.

The second module investigates the common form for User Stories.  It then progresses with a number of interactive excercises where you get to practice and elaborate stories.

The third module looks at quality - Acceptance criteria, Behaviour Driven Development, Vertical slices of functionality and handling bugs .

The fourth module looks at value mangaement.  Understanding the cost-benefit of sotries and how to best queue them for a team to address them.  It also looks at release planning and scheduling features to be ready for market at expected times.

On day 5 we introduce a number of more advanced topics and provide further reference material for so that you have a pathway for further learning.