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Terrill welch painting in her studio by allison mullally  mg 5876

Terrill Welch

Born in the village of Vanderhoof in north-central British Columbia, Terrill Welch was invited into an adult painting class when she was fourteen years old. Terrill Welch has taken several college-level courses in drawing and painting. She now teaches the art of oil painting from life in natural light using water mixable oils both in-person and internationally online. Terrill Welch’s oil paintings frequently showcase the beautiful, mysterious and rugged southwest coast around her home on Mayne Island B.C. as well as paintings from her travels. Though locally appreciated, Terrill Welch is internationally collected. Her paintings can be found in the homes of art collectors throughout Canada and the United States as well as in Australia, England, France, Italy, Norway and Switzerland. Terrill Welch’s work is in collections that also include such renowned Canadian landscape painters as Emily Carr, A.Y. Jackson and Lawren Harris.

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About this Course

The Beauty of Oils The BIG One class offers an introductory unit "Beginning before the Beginning" on September 9, 2019 followed by 10 weekly easy to follow lessons about panting with oils on a large canvas with Terrill Welch. Do you have the basics of water mixable oil paint handling, composition, and colour mixing but the BIG canvas is still intimidating? This 10 lesson group masterclass with international artist and teacher Terrill Welch is designed for you! The class is delivered in an integrated online and in-person model. You can be anywhere with access to your home studio or if you happen to live on Mayne Island there is also an weekly in-person painting session. In this class you will learn how to adapt the basics of oil painting wet-into-wet to a large canvas. You will paint an original work from start to finish that is developed from reference materials and paintings studies from life. There will be a focus on composition, perspective and colour finding.  You will learn techniques that will conquer your hesitation about painting on a large canvas.