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About this course

Embracing Your Singleness: Be Happier, Healthier, More Confident and Ready For Mr. Right

It sucks to be single, right? Wrong. Unfortunately, this is the attitude that many women take. You'd rather come down with pneumonia than be single! Yet, the minute you get into relationships, you start becoming miserable: abandoning your hobbies, never seeing your friends, and fighting with your new guy constantly. So, you want to be single again...only to want a relationship again the minute you get single!!

So, we decided to make this course to embrace your singleness. This doesn't mean you aren't still looking for Mr. Right. It just means that while you're single, you're going to live your life to the absolute fullest, and do the personal work necessary to not only be happier and healthier, but also ready to meet the right person when he comes along (and avoid the wrong people when they come alone)! 

So, in this course, we give you our best tips and support to help you live your life to the fullest - even if you don't have "the one" yet!

And, if you don't like the course for any reason, we'll refund your purchase within 90 days. Just give us feedback as to what need you had that the course didn't meet so we can improve it! 

Each module contains an educational video (downloadable too!) and workbook with information, reflection exercises, and action steps to put things into practice.  

Module 1
In this module we help you understand the importance of being single, and why embracing it could be the best thing you've ever done - for yourself and your future relationships. 

Module 2
The idea of being single is challenging for many women, who have been used to relying on a partner for their identity and support. Many women even have varying degrees of co-dependency. In this module, we help you detox from this tendency for good, so you can be happy from the inside out!

Module 3
Every woman has a toxic ex (or exes) and maybe even toxic guys currently in your life. We provide you with some tools and strategies to effectively handle these guys, and stop them from living in your brain rent free.

Module 4
This is the final "detox" module. In this module we help you break the need for a relationship for good. The goal is to help you stop needing a relationship, so you can actually find the right guy, rather than taking the first guy who comes along. 

Module 5
The best part of embracing being single is reconnecting with people you've ignored or lost contact with. Now is the time! We help you get back out there and rekindle those important relationships. 

Module 6
There is an exciting and new world of people to meet out there! In this module, we provide some tips, tools, and support to help you get out and expand your network of friends. Embracing your singleness means reaching out and meeting a lot of great new people.

Module 7
In this module we give you permission to do something for you, so go out and have some fun. It's time to embrace your singleness by focusing on your happiness for a change, rather than worrying about everything that's going on in the world.

Module 8
Handling the challenges of daily life can get overwhelming. Research points to a solution that will help you be more relaxed, happy, and lessen the stress in your life. In this module, we share this simple - yet powerful - secret. 

Module 9
Your life can be rich and rewarding, and you may have neglected some of the important aspects of your life when you were in relationships. Now is the time to get your passion in life back, and we help you find ways to do it.

Module 10
The focus of this module is self-development. It is never to late to learn new things and make yourself better. We give you some strategies, tips, and support to help you become your best self - no matter how old you are! 

Module 11
So, you've started to embrace being single? Good! Now it's time to get into a relationship (if that's what you want).  We give you some ways to get back out there and start the process of finding Mr. Right! 

Bonus #1
In this bonus, we provide you with a sample calendar to implement some of the strategies from the different modules, and a blank calendar to complete your own ideas!

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