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Kim Thittichai

I am a textile tutor, author and artist based on the West Coast of County Clare in Ireland. I find I am drawn to experiment, layering techniques where I can. My original training was in Wood, Metal, Ceramics and Plastics. I had no idea that it would be instrumental in my development as a textile artist and tutor. We were trained as artist craft persons, learning how to use each material before we designed anything. Little did I know how important this would be forty years down the line. My teaching and 4 books - Hot Textiles, Experimental Textiles, Layered Textiles and Reclaimed Textiles, encourage students and readers to think outside the box – to discover ‘What if?’ I love to develop new surfaces to stitch into, working with heat fusible, bondable and distressable materials. Online teaching is a new venture. We will aim to build a full curriculum of workshops from a one day workshop to longer courses that will stretch the students.

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About this Course

This  course aims to encourage personal enquiry both about the marks and  structures which appear out of the materials used and about the sources  and terms of personal expression. 

The emphasis will be on intuitive,  innovative and analytical work with materials and formative principals  and will seek to encourage individual solutions for each student. 

                            You  will produce a collection of paper designs and textiles samples.  Initial ideas can be developed through research and where ever possible  should be taken from primary sources. It would be helpful if records of  research could be documented both visually and with written support. You  will be encouraged to analyse and evaluate your own work to determine  specific courses for action, culminating with a selection of directed  and self directed projects.