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Richard and Kimberly Wilson

Corporate trainers, activators & networkers of societal transforming Christians. Executive Directors of Watchmen Arise International, Inc. and authors of "Victorious Prayer Warrior Bootcamp".

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About this Course

Strategy & Protocol for Kingdom Advancement addresses the problem that too many believers do not know their true identity and what their real destiny is, therefore the Kingdom of God is not advancing! 

Module 1: Foundational Beliefs begins the exploration of how effective warfare begins with the equipping of the individual self.
Topics covered: 1. The War on Words (Dan. 7:8-26) 2. The Revelation of the Eternal 3. Owning God! God Owning You! 4. The Amazing Brain

Module 2: The Amazing Brain
Topics covered: 1. The Significance of Words 2. Understanding Circles of Life 3. You and Culture 4. Why the Evil One Hates Believers Filled with Christ 5. The Amazing Brain 6. Sovereignty 7. Understanding Meditation

Course fee includes:
Video instruction
Course Handouts
Discussion Group Phone Call on September 11, 2018 at 7:00 p.m. (EDT)