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My name is Justin Curnutt. I have a Doctorate degree in Pharmacy and have specialized in Compounding Pharmacy and Nuclear Pharmacy! Essentially, I am a specialist at making radioactive medicine used in diagnostic imaging. Once you get to know me as an authority in the health and wellness industry then and only then will I show you that I glow from all the years doing nuclear pharmacy ;D I may or may not also have a third eye, LOL! I actually stepped away from the pharmacy world over 2 years ago to help people understand natural remedies. I became what the local health professionals deem me as the "Rogue Pharmacist!" I have a brick and mortar store in a small town in Nevada called Pahrump Wellness Center. I also have an online presence at where I am terming myself the SuperNatural Pharmer! Join my courses and/or follow me for unbiased and true health and healing!

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About this Course

Stop giving big pharma your hard earned dollars and become your best self!  

What if I could help YOU master your disease and get the healthy body you deserve?

One of my mentors once said, "When the student is ready then the teacher will appear!" 

You don't want to miss out on this exclusive course!

Welcome to Destroying Diabetes Duck Soup 7 week course! This is a premiere course designed to help your body overcome blood sugar related problems and get back into balance. Duck Soup is a term which literally means EFFORTLESS! Over the past 10 years I have been compiling notebooks full of tips and tricks for overcoming many health ailments. This course is specifically designed for you to succeed over a period of 7 weeks at your own pace. One module will be given per week with some additional work to do throughout the week so that each concept sinks in fully! You can take the modules at your own pace and can be re-watched or re-approached at anytime in the future! Having a Doctorate Degree in Pharmacy and many specialties beyond that in the field of pharmacy, I am an incredible teacher who will guide you on how to properly navigate this confusing world of OVER-information. I have been compiling methods and strategies for maximum SUCCESS! I have never before put all of these components together until NOW! This is a powerful course for addressing the ROOT of the issues and not just addressing symptoms!

Remember that Albert Einstein once said, "The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results!"

Well, if you are like most people you have been going round and round through the western medicines' approach at health and well-being with very little success then let's try something NEW in order to achieve different results (i.e. ACTUAL SUCCESS!) I have done the leg work for you in order to make it easy for success! My goal in each Duck Soup course I produce is to make you independent of the western form of healthcare and empower you start actually LIVING! Stop having fatigue, heart issues, blood sugar issues, aging issues, long term illness issues, thyroid issues, and everything in between!

Who this course is not for:

- Those looking for a quick fix without putting out ANY energy (And I assure you this course is designed to implement maximum benefit with minimum effort! But there is still effort nonetheless!)

- Those who are NOT willing to analyze WHY this is a problem in their life!

- Those who DO NOT want to assure they will be around for their family, friends, and loved ones for a long time to come!

- Those who want to take a chance that their doctor is really helping them address the root cause of diabetes and not just prescribe medications!

- Those who want to be on diabetic 'MAINTENANCE' medications for the rest of their lives! Also, those willing to take a chance that these medications won't cause further damage to their kidneys or liver! (By the way, any diabetic medication is considered to be a maintenance medication. They are trying to maintain you diabetes and not get you off of medications. This is fact as when you take the medications you are 'BETTER' (low blood sugar) and the second you stop taking them you are 'NOT BETTER' anymore (high blood sugar)!

In essence, if you are ready to spend a little bit of time on yourself (because you are worth it!) then this course was designed and brought out at this time so that you can Destroy Diabetes Duck Soup! If you have read this far then you truly are the student who has manifested me (the teacher) into your life at this moment! The timing is right, the price is worth every penny because you are worth it, technology has been given to us for ease of delivery and watchability! Carpe Diem- Seize the MOMENT and play all out, do every activity, fill out all the assignments no matter how monotonous or tedious they seem, and I promise you that you will come out on the other side of this 7 week course a changed person!

I've spent tens of thousands of dollars figuring out these secrets and gold nuggets and I want to offer them to your for pennies! Get a substantial discount for paying in full or make payments over 3 months! Don't let anything stop you from SUCCESS, even YOURSELF!

If you want to watch a Facebook webinar that was done in August 2018 then CLICK HERE!