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Tommy Holt Jr

Owner of E2E Wholesaling Edition Video Course

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About this course

Welcome to the Employee 2 Entrepreneur Real Estate Investors Academy Video Course. I know that you've been looking for a course that could lead you down the real estate investor path. 

In our academy we cover Wholesaling with $0 out of your pocket, how to acquire AirBnB properties without owning the home, how to build a real estate Brand that attracts buyers & sellers to you, and how to Raising Capital so that you can close on your own deals. All of these skills can be done with little to NO money. There is no excuse on why you can't become a successful real estate investor anymore. I've taken the time to add courses that will eliminate then excuse of not having enough money so, now it just up to you on whether or not you are going to learn these skills or are you going to create another excuse to do nothing. 

I've spent a lot of time and money learning these techniques and strategies that have helped me to create a 6 figure a year business as well as to lead others to the "closing table promise land.

***BUT, I must warn you*** 

This is not one of those courses that gives you just enough information to make you realize that you need more information. (I HATE THOSE) You know - the ones that promise to tell you how to get a check but then, conveniently leave out the important steps, just to try to up-sell you to a higher price point. I've been burned by courses like those and decided that this was going to be the course that breaks that cycle. This course is designed for one thing and one thing only - to make you money! Point blank - PERIOD... What do you GET??? 

1. Immediate access to the E2E Wholesaling Video Course with homework.

2. Immediate access to the STR Playbook Video Course

3. Immediate access to the Brand Building 101 Video Course

4. Immediate access to the Raising Private Capital Video Course

5. Access to our twice-a-week LIVE Zoom Calls (Sunday at 7pm and Wednesday at 7pm) to ask your wholesaling/investing questions.

6. Entry into our private Facebook Group where you can network with other investors within the program from across the country. Also, you can present your deals to community to help you find a buyer. 

I'm not promising you that you'll be an expert. I'm not promising you that you will know everything there is to know about real estate investing either. I AM promising you that if you go through the modules in the order that they are presented and do the homework, you will have enough tools and skills to invest in your first deal with many more to come. So, if you want a course that makes you a real estate GURU then this is not for you and please save your money. BUT, if you are looking to level up and learn & APPLY techniques and strategies that get you PAID then this is the right course for you. 

So, this is your "RED pill or BLUE pill" moment. Are you going to let another opportunity pass you by? Or, are you going to INVEST - not purchase - in yourself and start the change needed in order to become a successful Real Estate Entrepreneur? Join the few of us that are truly doing this business and who are helping to change our families legacy. JOIN NOW!