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Jane LaFazio

I love making things. Whether it's drawing, painting, stitching, or just cutting up stuff and gluing it together. Check out my website

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About this course

Recycled Circles 

MIXED MEDIA on paper

 $45 USD.   closes December 1, 2023

Delight in the discovery that what often feels “wonky” along the way, comes together beautifully in the end! Using your favorite fabric, papers, and tactile embellishments, explore the playful and forgiving flow of the circle through contrasting colors, textures, and patterns. Why circles? The circle frees you from deciding on the “right” direction. You can begin at any point along the circle; explore in either direction, and you’ll never feel lost. 

What can you expect to explore in this workshop?

  • An easy, no-fail process for creating a mixed-media background
  • Multiple ways of adding stitching to your project—by machine, by hand and even hand-drawn
  • A “secret” to achieving great contrast in your composition
  • Giving new life to bits and pieces you’ve had stashed in piles around your studio

By working along with Jane’s process—each step has its own adventure in color, contrast and texture—you’ll feel freed up to explore and play in even more directions! Yet what’s cut up and unique on its own is later reassembled, creating a perfectly-imperfect circle.