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Nicola Brown

I am passionate about using natural materials and local vegetation to create decorative art, interior accessories and luxurious art to wear. My current fine art textile practice revolves around the use of felt making, eco printing and natural dyeing: I grow most of my own print and dye materials. Eco printing is a simple process where natural fabric including hand made felt, silk, linen and lambswool is wrapped with leaves, onion skins, seed pods, bark and other foraged vegetation. These bundles are tied up tightly then go through a heating process to help extract colour directly from the organic matter.

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About this course

Would you like to learn the basics of successful eco printing on protein based fabrics such as wool, silk and felt? 

Does the idea of using supplies that are already in your kitchen appeal to you? 

Are you interested in working in a health conscious and environmentally friendly way? 

Do you enjoy learning new skills in such a way that you will be able to repeat the process time after time and share these skills with family and friends including children?

Are you interested in a workshop where you will be able to receive feedback and suggestions once you have completed your first eco printing session?

If you answered yes to any or all of the above then why not join me for this comprehensive eco printing basics workshop? Consider this like an intensive face to face course! Although we will be using limited vegetation and regular kitchen equipment everything that I cover during the workshop is the foundation for future eco printing adventures. It is the basis for everything that I do. Limited vegetation does not mean limited results, the prints and colour that you will be able to achieve are amazing!!! 

Should you choose to join me for my online 6 week intensive foundation eco printing workshop in the future I am happy to offer a $30 discount to everyone who signs up to this one!