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Faith Evans-Sills

Hi I'm Faith, painter, dreamer and creative guide. In my work I draw inspiration from nature’s wild and small moments, with my heart in Abstraction. I'm classically trained with both a BFA and MFA in painting, along with 20+ years of personal painting experience. Inspiring women to manifest their most heartfelt ideas through creating art is one of my passions! My first book, "Painting the Sacred Within" co-authored with artist Mati McDonough, is a guide for women, to go deeply inside themselves finding their own creative voice. My Painting the Sacred Within Classes are co-taught with Mati! I teach here online, across the US and internationally at art retreats in Morocco, Costa Rica and Mexico. My paintings have been exhibited widely and included in numerous publications. I live with my husband Frank and our 3 children by the sea in Charleston, SC. Learn more about all the ways to paint with me at

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About this Course

Finding your Creative Voice is perhaps the most valuable gift you can give yourself!

Join artists, teachers & collaborators Faith Evans-Sills and Mati Rose McDonough in this Master Class as they deeply explore a topic that can feel overwhelming to many new artists: how to find and develop your personal creative voice in your art! Through video discussions and written lessons they'll break down this complex subject into digestible workshops that will help you understand & clarify your personal vision.

Over the years we’ve seen many of our students struggle with who they are as artists. Many take our classes and learn lots of new techniques, but they struggle with editing what they have learned into a cohesive style that is only theirs! Your artistic voice is how you are recognized by others. Its the tone your collective body of work takes. As an artist there are few things more important than developing a personal voice that sets your work apart and gets you noticed. Finding your voice requires you to pull from deep inside of yourself to find what truly moves you, and then express that in what you create. In order for your work to have lasting meaningful value you must eventually develop your own artistic voice. In this class we'll shed light on all of these topics with clear explanations & exercises, together we'll explore the why, the what and how of developing your personal voice in your work.

Finding and developing your artistic voice is a lifetime journey, its a continual process even for artists who have been working for a really long time, and it can feel especially overwhelming in this age of social media. This Master Class takes this complicated topic and breaks it down for you, simplifying the process to lead you further on your path towards creating work that shines full of your authentic voice. You'll come away with more confidence in your creative voice, and how to make it stronger!

This class is not about teaching you how to hustle harder, frankly we think that often today everyone is hustling a bit too hard already and all of us need a much welcomed rest, a safe space in which to relax! Let's kick our shoes of together in this space, there is no judgement, its your's to explore, there are Moroccan poufs in the corner and the kettle is on for tea, come on in! :)

Ultimately, our goal with this class is to help you feel more connected to the still small voice inside of you, it will guide your way towards your personal, one and only, creative voice! With each lesson we want to give you guide posts for your journey so that things feel easier, so that you feel like there is more flow and more joy in creating your work, and a true honesty about honoring the natural ebb and flow of the creative process. There is no formula for creative success, its going to look different for each of us. What we're really after is helping you figure out your own personal formula for growing your personal creative voice, and then running towards it like-all-get-out! We want you to understand what it looks like for you to set yourself up with structures to help you thrive, and also take a long hard look at what current structures you may need to leave behind as you move forward.

Are you looking to outside sources to give you inspiration? The better solution is not to look outside of ourselves for direction, but rather to explore the depths of our own selves, all that we need is already within us! We want to help you figure out what works for you. Getting to the root of your own intuition and how to follow it.

We've got lots of juicy themes of discovery for you as we dive deeply exploring what Finding Your Creative Voice looks like, from lots of angles.

Every day for the next 2 weeks you'll receive an email containing the link to a new lesson. We've designed the lessons to be bite sized chunks that will build on each other, so that as the class progresses you'll go slowly and surely towards your goals. Remember, all of this content is your to keep forever, so there is never any pressure to keep up with the class. You can revisit each lesson as much as you want for ultimate integration.


We'll cover these topics in this order:

  • Welcome & How This Works

  • Where this Began :: Manifesto On Giving Credit

  • "Finding Your Creative Voice" :: Discussion Video with Faith & Mati

  • The How & Why of Finding Your Artistic Voice

  • Taking Risks

  • Inspiration :: What Sparks You?

  • "Manifestos & Mindfulness": Video Chat with Mati & Faith

  • Unplug from your Library of Visual Inspiration

  • Guest Article :: The 4 Phases of Developing Your Creative Voice

  • "Asking THE Questions": Video Chat with Mati & Faith

  • Practical Application & Helpful Exercises

  • Continue Learning :: Downloadable PDF

  • Resources & Bibliography