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Steven Sparling

Canadian Teacher, Actor/Singer & Writer based in London, England. Over a 25 year performing career I have acted in theatres across Canada, the UK as well as appearing in London's West End. I've been on the teaching faculty of the London College of Music since 2010, previously having taught at the University of British Columbia. I am now a full-time Lecturer and Course Leader for Musical Theatre at the London College of Music, University of West London. I am also doing a PhD at Goldsmiths, University of London researching sustainability of creative careers. Outside of the classroom, I have taught a variety of workshops online and in person in the UK, Canada and South Africa. For more info: and

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About this course

Lean Into Your Voice

30 days to a stronger, more compelling, authoritative voice


An ecourse to help YOUR voice be heard above the noise 


Who is this course for?


This ecourse is for all those people whose voice is not being heard. The ones who are always being asked to repeat themselves. The ones who feel like they are bursting with things to say, yet don't say them. The ones who are dying to shout out:


Listen to me! I have something to say!


Or maybe you love to talk, but find that your voice gets tired or you lose your voice when you have to deliver a talk or a presentation.

What Will You Get? 


  • Greater confidence – when we see the impact of better communication our confidence improves

  • More energy – when you actually start breathing with your WHOLE lungs you will find you have more energy (did you know most people only use a FRACTION of their lung capacity?)

  • People’s perception of you will change – whether we mean to or not, we judge people on their voices. We assume weak-voiced people are weak. And strong-voiced people are strong. We equate confidence and ability with clarity and audibility of speech. Improve your voice and speech and watch your social status improve.

  • Greater vocal stamina – if you look after your voice (and in the course we’ll cover good vocal hygiene) and use your voice efficiently, you should have no problems talking all day, every day. Which if you are a teacher, a trainer, a coach - or spend much of your day on the phone - might make you a whole lot better at your job.


What You Will Learn


In this course, delivered in five lessons, we will learn how simple changes can unlock your voice and allow you to speak more clearly, more confidently and with greater purpose and ease.


Lesson One: Posture

Learn how two small changes to how you stand (or one small change when you sit) will make a massive difference to your voice.

Lesson Two: Breathing

Learn about how your lungs and diaphragm work together to breathe. Also, learn how trying to look ‘svelte’ is hindering your ability to breathe properly. Once you master this shift, the full capacity of your lungs will be used with every breath and you will feel alive and energized as you won’t be starving your body of oxygen. 

Lesson Three: Support

This lesson will teach you how to make your breath last as long as your thought. No more running out of air half way through your message. It will also make you look WAY more confident.

Lesson Four: Clarity

Fuzzy voices don’t give a very good impression. This lesson will show you how to make your voice sound clearer, brighter and more energized. And you’ll discover that you can enjoy speaking in front of others more than you thought you could.

 Lesson Five: Colour  & Volume

We respond to colour in a voice. Voices that have different colours – a balance of bright and dark colours – are far more interesting to listen to. It’s also the secret to how to be heard in a large space without shouting.

Bonus lesson: Vocal hygiene and how to look after your voice.

Learn some simple do’s and don’ts when it comes to taking care of your voice. You’ve only got one voice, learn to make it last.


Course Delivery

The course is delivered on Ruzuku - the e-learning platform - and you will receive an email approximately every 5 days to link you to the next lesson. You can go back at any time and review previous lessons.

The lessons have been designed to accomodate different learning styles - some are read, some are audio lessons and some are video lessons. Each lesson will provide you with the information and exercises to develop the skill.

You need to do the work to build these into your daily life. Like anything, it’s about creating new habits, which can be achieved in 10 minutes a day. Work with these ideas for 30 days and you’ll see, feel and hear a big difference in your voice.


Do You Want to Join Us?

I wanted to make Lean Into Your Voice as accessible as possible so it is priced at only $167 USD (approx. £99 GBP) for the full 30 day course.

For this you get 5 individual lessons delivered to your inbox spread over the 30 days and lifetime access to the materials on Ruzuku. You can also ask me questions on the forums and I will respond and guide your journey.



If you're ready to join us and learn to Lean Into Your Voice, please scroll to the top of the page to make your purchase.


Money-Back Guarantee: If you decide this isn't for you - or you aren't getting your money's worth - I will refund your fee in full. No questions asked!


I'd love for you to join Lean Into Your Voice. If you'd like to purchase this course, scroll to the top of the page where you will find the link.


Best wishes