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Clare Mulvany

Writer, creative leadership mentor and retreat host, I lead courses, coaching and workshops to help people tap into the transformative power of their story and creativity to catalyse their dreams and visions.

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About this Course


‘We make our lives bigger or smaller, more expansive or more limited, according to the interpretation of life that is our story.- Christina Baldwin, Storycatcher. 

Your story has power in it. 

When we can unravel and understand the threads of our story we have a tool for weaving a more intimate relationship with ourselves and the world. Story helps us connect with a deeper current of our lives, and when we learn to craft our stories, we learn also to tap into our voice, vision and power, so we can show up with more confidence and clarityto what is calling us next. 

And yet our stories tend to settle like sediment. The ones we tend regularly (the stories we tell others about, or the stories in our heads which we use to define ourselves) are the ones we feed. Below them are many layers. Hidden stories. Forgotten stories. Silenced stories. We can pick the ones at the top, but to get to the bottom, we must be willing to write our way through the layers and layers until we hit the gold. Once we are there, the stories on the top tend to make more sense again. We are all many layers deep.

Over this course will explore the power of story, narrative and writing to help navigate to our inner truth; our gold. It will provide engaging, creating tools and writing practices to explore personal narrative and sense-making, all through the exploratory tool of reflective writing. We will create a safe, lively circle for your writing to unfold and flourish.