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Becca Syme

Gallup-Certified Strengths Coach, USA Today Bestselling Author of Cozy Mystery and Small-Town Romance, Psychometric-Based Productivity Success Coach, specializing in authors and creatives.

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About this Course

Class Starts after American Thanksgiving and finishes before Christmas!

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Each student will receive individual attention inside the class, and a one-on-one appointment with Becca to address whatever comes up through the class, or whatever your pain point is. We will also have several Facebook Live videos, where you can have live access to ask questions, get clarification, and acquire more information on the class topics. 

Becca's commitment is to making sure every single student gets what they need out of the class.

We are going to rock your next level!

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Payment options include a one-time payment, or $50 a month for 4 months, or $25 a month for 8 months.