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Laura Volpintesta, Fashion Illustration Tribe

I want DRAW you out of your shell so you can flow and shine freely in Fashion Art and Design! All of the ideas held in your head....I'm here to share the tools, to bring them out onto paper, in an encouraging environment that meets you at your pace. I want you to feel safe to create, growing into your confidence in a playful, curious way, what I'm teaching learning in my classes at Parsons since 1997 . This is where you can discover the MAGIC that lives in your hands, your mind, and your heart when they work together. Where what you feel, think, know and are curious about l as you leads as you develop your unique style / voice to share with the world and explore what's within you.

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About this course

Well hello, magical fashion creative!

I'm Laura Volpintesta, your host! 


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Video 1:

Here I select my reference photos. One of the best ways to hone your fashion illustration skills (or any drawing skills) is to DRAW FROM WHAT YOU SEE, and often! Closely observing while you draw is such an amazing adveture... you WILL see things you NEVER would have noticed before when you draw from pictures an d models.  I PROMISE.

Because in many ways, drawing is.... visual note-taking!

As you take visual NOTES, your vocabulary will grow....and grow!

Video 2: 

Video three shows you how I interperet figures into quick stick figures and blocks that help me "map out " the poses and plan my page long before I start drawing in the clothes and colors, details and textures.  

This is where it all begins, and I love that because.....

during the time that I do that work, I am also "warming up" my imagination and getting excited about what is going to come through me!


two key words there:



The two go hand in hand. They're friendly. They love you!

Model drawing techniques are a big part of all my courses, from Model Magic, to Design Infusion  to Freedom Fashion Experience.

 They are really golden because they get you to DRAW and analyze and express.....and reconnect with the body that is going to be wearing the clothes.

Video 3:

is where we start to flesh out those figures.  

Once you understand the mechanics of the body and light-sketching skills, you can always adjust figures to be as wide or narrow as you need- the rules never change.


That's just whack.

That's not who I am or what I'm about.

 I invite you to feel deep connection to your work in your body, your mind, and your heart. Honesty, rawness, discovery, freedom, curiosity, adventure, creation, exploration and experimentation, playfulness and flow in each step.

If it's for world  kindness, joy , beauty and  connection, I'm all for it! Let's love our bodies, the people we share the planet with, and the planet too.

Add celebration, family,  and music? I'm even happier!  Just bring it all in here. everything you care about, that's what infuses your creations with meaning and magic. Your interests matter, your calling matters, your memories matter and your visions and inspirations matter.

Let's look at those, shall we?

Through the language of fashion design and fashion illustraiton.

 So what happens in the lessons here?

So here you'll see me "flesh out" the stick figures and build them into bodies.


The complete FROM SWATCHES TO GOUACHE is also available for purchase below: 28 videos total. It's not free but you 

get  the first 4 videos  you sign up for this starter bundle to get you on your way.


I can't wait to meet you