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Lisa Kendall, LCSW-R, CSW-G

I'm a Social Work Psychotherapist and Clinical Gerontologist in private practice, Educator and Mentor for The Eden Alternative (TM), and I teach the Fieldwork class for the Ithaca College Gerontology Institute. My passion is working with Elders and their care partners, providing person-directed, trauma-informed care and supporting growth and well-being for the whole team! Visit me at

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About this course

You are Invited to Join us for

Care Partner Connection: Office Hours

Care Partner Connection: Office Hours is an opportunity to step back and reflect on how we give and receive care, whether we're caring for an older or ill family member or friend, work in the helping or healing professions, or are trying to take better care of ourselves.

Join us for a weekly time out, in the form of a brief video reflection addressing common questions and issues that face all of us as we seek to balance care for others with care for ourselves. 

Each video will be posted to a private website, along with additional resources and the opportunity to have a deeper dialog with the community.

You are invited to share your ideas, ask the questions that are on your mind or in your heart, encourage your fellow travelers, and enjoy the company of others on your Journey. (Or you can just watch the videos and download resources; that's okay, too!)

Care Partner Connection: Office Hours is my gift to you, and membership in the community is FREE.  

My hope is this will become a place where we can hold a meaningful conversation about the challenges and joys we all face as we care for our physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being.

Your place is waiting in our Community, so I hope you'll join me there soon!

Take care,

Lisa K.


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When Elder Care Hurts: How to Juggle Priorities, Set Boundaries, and Feel Good about Saying "No!".  

Find out how to identify what is truly meaningful, learn the best model for understanding mental wellness, and how to say "no" without guilt!


Lisa A. Kendall, LCSW-R, CSW-G

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* We believe in the power of the group, and in sharing what we all have learned from our experience. We believe in continued growth across the lifespan. That said, please keep in mind that the office hours videos and subsequent conversations are not meant to offer advice or guidance for your specific situation.  Care Partner Connection and Lisa Kendall Counseling and Consulting  do not provide medical, health, therapy, financial or legal advice through any of its online offerings, nor guarantee results from any strategies or tools offered. Please consult with the appropriate professional for your specific situation.