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Irina Kazakevic

Irina Kazakevic is a certified Yoga Teacher (E-RCY 500) and Children's Yoga Teacher (RCYT). She is the founder of Yoga Break for Children™ Yoga Alliance Registered School (RCYS) and the creator of the online platform Well-Being Yoga. Irina is the author of the Children's Yoga Cards and the 52 Kids Yoga Lesson Plan Collection. She offers the 95-hour Children's Yoga Teacher Training and Certification (RCYT) online and in-person. Since 2007, Irina has been training yoga teachers, school teachers, administrators and parents on how to integrate yoga practices into everyday life and achieve physical, mental and emotional well-being. Irina has dedicated the last two decades of her life to teaching and promoting yoga to create a healthy, meaningful and joyful life.

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About this course

We all wish that our children grow up to be generous, grateful and kind. In the VIRTUE BUNDLE, you will find three units that focus on developing these virtues.
THE GIVING TREE  unit is great to teach during the Christmas season and explore the concepts of giving & receiving.
The BE THANKFUL unit is great for Thanksgiving where you can talk about gratitude and how important it is to remember our blessings.
The BE KIND unit is ideal to start a school year and introduce the virtue of kindness when kids meet new friends and form relationships.
Though these units were created with those times in mind, they can be successfully taught any time during the year.
Do yoga and help kids develop life skills that will make our world a better place to live in!